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Hey everyone!

I was gonna share this OST with chibi_stella but I thought I might as well share it with more people since I'm uploading this anyway. >_^

If you haven't seen this drama, then you are SERIOUSLY missing out!!! Besides Hana Kimi (Taiwan ver.) and KO One, this drama is REALLY good!!!!!!!!!! I'm not kidding!! Even one of my classmates watched it and told me that it was awesome!!

And, of course, this is pretty much assumed, but I've watched this too. ^ _____ ^


Please comment below if taking and/or if the link's broken or has expired.

- kdg <3

P.S. LINK IS FIXED!!!!! Sorry for taking FOREVER to do this! > _ < I don't check LJ regularly.


I don't think there's a comm for this so I'll just post these here:

February 2011 Issue:




February 2011 Issue

Pg. 62-63 – Style Council

Member: Tsubasa (Ba.) from PECHE

Theme: Gentle/Nice Oniichan


1)      What colour do you like?

Black, gold, and green.

2)      What coordinates (clothing-wise) do you like?

Stylish coordinates. (kdg: lolx, what?)

3)      What brand do you like?

Clothes from 109-2. (kdg: I think he means a store in Shibuya 109 Men)

4)      What shampoo do you use?

Kerastad (kdg: never heard of this brand before...)

5)      How much time do you need for hair and makeup?

About an hour.

6)      How often do you go to a beauty center?

Once a month.

7)      Which cosmetic brand do you like?


8)      What is one type of visual style you would like to try?

Idol kei.

9)      Please tell us what type of visual style you wear.

An often-balanced rock style.

January 2011 Issue:



January 2011 Issue

Pg. 64-65 – Style Council

Member: Sayura (Gu.) from SCAPEGOAT

Theme: Beautiful Challenge (kdg: ??? i’m not so sure about the “Challenge” part but that’s what the kanji appears to say – though i’m very sure of the “Beautiful” part ^ ^)


1)      What colour do you like?

Black, silver, and purple.

2)      What coordinates (clothing-wise) do you like?

Casual and rough coordinates.

3)      What brand do you like?

And A and DIZEL.

4)      What shampoo do you use?

Caretech HB Repair Shampoo.

5)      How much time do you need for hair and makeup?

About an hour.

6)      How often do you go to a beauty center?

Once a month.

7)      Which cosmetic brand do you like?


8)      What is one type of visual style you would like to try?

Oiran. (kdg: i have NO idea what this is =/)

9)      Please tell us what type of visual style you wear.

Natural and beautiful ROCK!!

December 2010:




December 2011 Issue

Pg. 64-65 – Style Council

Member:  Kaede (Gu.) from R Shitei

Theme: Biteki (kdg: it means something along the lines of elegant beauty.)


1)      What colour do you like?


2)      What coordinates (clothing-wise) do you like?

Clothes that emphasize silhouettes.

3)      What brand do you like?


4)      What shampoo do you use?


5)      How much time do you need for hair and makeup?

About an hour.

6)      How often do you go to a beauty center?

Once a month.

7)      Which cosmetic brand do you like?


8)      What is one type of visual style you would like to try?


9)      Please tell us what type of visual style you wear.

Kawaisa (kdg: no, this does not mean “cute”. “kawaiso” basically “you poor thing”, but i really don’t know what style he’s referring to here.)

And that's it!!!!

- kdg <3


It's almost Valentine's Day!

Some people hate it; some people love it.

I, for one, am totally neutral about it!

But, this year is slightly different from the other years. Why? Because I'm going to CONFESS! Hahaha~ Just like in a lot of shoujo manga, I am going to confess to my crush! Wish me luck, ne~

And here is the video that I made with my friends in preparation for Valentine's Day! (Please keep in mind that I didn't have anyone that I liked when I made this video, but I'm wishing EVERYONE an awesome day - regardless whether you're spending the day with your loved one, your friends, or your soon-to-be-(hopefully) boyfriend!!!

Ok, LJ is having issues. Here's the link if the video above fails: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2VFrJqpXhA

- kdg <3

P.S. My ameblo blog: http://ameblo.jp/kireimono

SuG's new image!!

Recently, SuG's released their "Crazy Bunny Coaster" single, as well as their newest PV "NO OUT NO LIFE", which was partly show in Taiwan. Both of these songs were very oshare, but now SuG is currently producing a NEW song with more of a "hard rock" image. ^ --- ^

And so here they are:

- kdg <3

My YouTube Videos!

So recently, I got a YouTube account and I've been uploading as many videos as I can. But since exams are REALLY soon (and I still haven't studied for any of them - which means I'm gonna fail BIG TIME TT^TT)

But moving on to YouTube, I've just decided that I'm going to upload my new videos from YouTube on LJ as well! This way, EVERYONE can see them! ^  ^

So here are some that I've done recently/gotten a lot of views/my faves:

Elements of Visual Kei

Massu Fanvid (sorry, I KNOW I didn't spell his name properly; actually, I published it after doing a quick check and I deleted it after I published the video so please bear with it!)

My Fave Japanese Songs of 2010 (Part 1)

My Fave Japanese Songs of 2010 (Part 2)

Deco-Compact Tutorial

Get to know the members of NEWS!

And that's it for now cuz my most recent videos aren't really fangirl-related and really not that good.


- kdg <3

P.S. My channel is HERE.

Actually, I found out that they were going to release this single in December of last year, but it wasn't until today that I visited Yume-chun's blog again and found out that they had a NEW BAND PICTURE!!!! AND new solo profile pics!!!!

You know what that means don't you???

It means that they're going to release something new really soon!!!!

And since they usually release PVs about 3-4 weeks before the actual release date of the CD, I will be scouring YouTube this week and next week!!

So here is their new band pic:

(But...why does my darling Yume look so short in this picture???)

Either way, he looks KAKKOII in pink~ And although I'm not too fond of Intetsu's weird perm, I do admit that Takehito and KENZO are looking pretty GOOD~

- kdg <3
(Btw, if you've seen my YouTube channel, my name says "Matcha Lily" as well - so please feel free to call me that! But, generally on LJ, I just go by kdg...or miyaka)


I'm probably going to write a lot more about him in the future too~ It's YUMEHITO!!!!~
He's my fave guitarist/vocalist of ALL time!!!! \ ^  O  ^ /

And as most of you should know, I'm a dedicated fangirl! And so I check his blog pretty often.

This entry is from today!!:


It's the final (tour day) for the Virgin Snow Color -2nd season- tour!!

Thank you Akasaka BLITZ!!

I love everyone!

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We have taken another step forward.


 Let's always always be together.

EDIT: This entry was edited!!! Sorry, LJ decides to delete parts of my entries for no reason!! >___<"

More Korean things!

Actually, before I get started I would like to say that recent J-dramas have been lacking....not only in romance but also story depth.
My mom's "struggling through" Hotaru no Hikaru (starring Ayase Haruka + Fujiki Naoto <<---er, I think that's his name?) and she says it's really boring..well, I don't disagree with her. Ayase Haruka is funny, but there is just NOT ENOUGH ROMANCE!!!

OVERLY mushy stuff? -- NO THANKS. But ROMANCE is INDEED needed for dramas!!!

So far, the best drama I've seen so far this year is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (aka YamaNade) starring Kame, Ohmasa Aya, Tegoshi, Uchi Hiroki and some ballet guy (lolx).

I REALLY liked this drama!!!

...Maybe it's cuz I really like Kame. No, that's not it. The story was GOOD ^ ^. And that's why it's ranked one of the TOP dramas @ dramacrazy!!!

For those of you that haven't seen it, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!
(Same with the Korean "You're Beautiful" starring Jang Geun Suk, one of CN Blue's members, Lee Hong Ki, and...the girl that played Go Mi Nam!!!! -- Hongki~~~ <3)


OK! Onto the meme:

What/Who got you into kpop?
Hmmmm...my mom? She recommended dramas to me (like Rain's "Full House", etc.) a couple years ago. But I didn't really get into the artists much...but that IS how I got to know some Korean things.

Favourite boy group?
Band: FT Island (NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT ^ o ^)
Idol: MBLAQ ("Listen to your Y...Da da da-da daa da~")

Favourite girl group?
f(x) cuz they're cool~

Favourite idol group overall?
MBLAQ!!! Mir is such a cutie and Thunder's such a hottie!!~ <333

Other groups you love?
...I kinda know some of Super Junior M's songs but....I don't "love" them.
And...well, my mom has gotten a lot of Wondre Girls' songs in my head. But again, I don't "love" them.
I guess I don't have any others?

Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?

Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?

Favourite idol group pairings?
I dunno; don't listen to "pretty girl" music.

Favourite solo female singer?

BoA, well before her English songs got digitalized and too commercial anyway...

Favourite solo male singer?


Favourite idol overall?
Do I REALLY need to repeat myself? ^ __ ^"

Favourite songs right now?
FT Island - Sarang Sarang Sarang

Favourite fanclub?
Uhhh... don't have one.

Favourite entertainment company?
All of them suck.

Loved a group your not into anymore?
TVXQ? I used to really like their songs up till 2008. Then they split.
But I'm in love with JYJ's Yuchun now!!! I've never seen him so HOTT before!!!
(OH, why do cell phone dramas on Bee TV take SO LONG TO SUB TT^TT)

First kpop song ever?
Something from Winter Sonata. (Yeah, I know - OLD)

First kpop music video ever?
I have NO IDEA.

First kpop love (group/solo)?

First variety show (and with who)?
None, haven't watched any.

Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.
SNSD. I don't like pretty girls. and Super Junior - they're SO UGLY, even Donghae.

Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?
Rain's "I'm Coming"!! I practiced that dance for 1 month!! (3 years ago)

Any songs you memorised the lyrics to?
None. I don't know any Korean....but I wish I did! \^ o ^/

Hottest male in the industry to you?
Uhhhhhhhh~ THAT'S TOO HARD!!!

Prettiest female in the industry to you?
Youna. She hasn't had plastic surgery, accoring to my Korean friend.

A person you want to be like/admire the most?
Lee Hong KI!!!!! Super cute yet cool at the same time!!!!~

A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
Recently, it's been "Y" *giggle* But it changes every week or so.

Your favourite music video?
I haven't really watched many... so none.

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
Yes, but she's my ex-firend cuz she was such a b***h.  Other than that no...

Have any kpop merchandise?

TVXQ's "Five in Black" album, Rain posters, FT Island poster, You're Beautiful poster, Rain concert goods, and....that's it.

Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into kpop?
Rain and only RAIN!!!!~ <3

Thanks to moreobscurity for this meme!

- kdg <3

P.S. I'm not the hugest K-Pop fan out there so...sorry if you get disappointed reading this. >>>_________<<<"

Credits to [info]tokyo_jam @ [info]jmagazinescans for the magazine.




This issue about their fashion choices.





Please download here within the following month. If the link does not work or expires, leave a request in the comment box and I will re-upload it. ^ ^


- This is a ROUGH translation, so if there are any mistakes please tell me and I will fix this.
- The notes in brackets are written by me so that viewers can understand what the members are saying easier.
- If you have any concerns and/or questions, please COMMENT and I will reply to you shortly.


- kdg <3

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